Couponing Tips and Trips

If you’re interesting in getting started with couponing you absolutely should! Yes, it can be a bit time consuming and highly addictive (haha) but no one should ever pay full price! NEVER PAY FULL PRICE!!

First, pick a store!!!!

Once you’ve picked the store that best fits your needs, read their policies!- get yourself familiar with certain things like how many coupons per transaction, what type of coupons you can stack, or if they ever double or triple them.

Every week grab a newspaper and a circular from whichever store you’ve decided to use- Sunday papers are the best for inserts (P&G, Red Plum, and Smart Source are the ones to look for) .. Circulars typically come out every Wednesday but it depend on the store.

Join a group on Facebook or follow an avid shopper on Instagram. They give you deals that are happening right now and make it so much easier when you are just getting started.

Find a website that’s ran by the PROS, seriously. They practically do all the work for you!

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Moola Savings Mom

The Harris Teeter Deals

Check weekly to see if they have anything you can use.

I recommend CVS Pharmacy and Harris Teeter!


I LOOOOVE the Extra Bucks program at CVS. Every week they offer deals on specific products (you can see this in your circular, comes out every Sunday)… Most of the time they will offer things like “Spend $12 on Maybelline and receive $5 EB”. Probably doesn’t seem like that much savings to the naked eye BUT once you learn the tips and tricks on how to operate within these deals it becomes very cost effective.

GOAL: earn and roll… each week you want to EARN Extra Bucks. Once you’ve earned say a $5 reward you continue to roll it each week into what new offer they’ve advertised. So it’s basically like keeping $5 at all times banked into CVS.

Download their APP and get on their email list.

Seriously. Do it.

You’ll get $5 Extra Bucks just for downloading the app. So they’re basically getting you started.

Then every single week they’llsend you awesome and randomly generous deals. Like, save $5 off of your next $15 purchase, or &2 off of $8 cosmetics. You combine this savings with your Extra Bucks and roll it into earning more for your next trip!

Not to mention the kiosk… Go in, scan your card and it prints even more deals for you.

CVS also does something most stores don’t. They count your SUBTOTAL as what you’ve spent. Which means if I am trying to earn the”spend $12 on Maybelline get $5 reward” and I have a $2 off $8 cosmetics plus a $3 off Maybelline coupon that $5 in coupons does not count against what I would’ve spent without them.

Follow me on Instagram to see my weekly trips and tips in real time. These are things that YOU can do!!!

Harris Teeter:

Before couponing I never shopped at Harris Teeter. I thought they were a little bit pricier than other options I had. That’s because I had NO IDEA about their coupon policy!!

They are sooo coupon friendly. Because of that they’ve gained my loyalty!

They double any coupon under .99 cents every single day!!! This really adds up… not to mention SUPER DOUBLES and SUPER TRIPLES.. which are special treats to make the lives of the average couponer 1,000x more exciting.

Super doubles: any manufacturers coupon under $2 is doubled.

Super triples: any manufacturers coupon under .99 is tripled.

Once you get really into it you’ll find how important and hard it is to stay organzed… Coupons are constantly coming out and expiring. Not to mention some are manufacturers, some are store, some you want to use here while others you want to use there. It can get confusing and disheartening.

I’m sure everyone requires different methods of organization but I’ve found this binder method to be working WONDERS for me!

Here’s how I did it.


What I used:

Get a CALCULATOR! My phone died on my last trip and I was so bummed I didn’t have a calculator in my binder.

  • $1 binder
  • $1 pencil pouch
  • $1 pack of sleeves
  • $5 Baseball card sleeves (lucked out and just happened to have extra of these from my husbands card collection so no cost for me)

Total cost: $8

Once you start you’ll find little things that work or don’t work for you.

I’m still in search of sleeves that organize my coupons better. For now the large sleeves will work.

Organization methods:

  • Store
  • Departments within store- beverages, refrigerated, produce, etc (I think this would be great if you decide to do different binders for different stores)
  • Expiration dates of the coupons
  • Products you need/want more
  • Best deals

These are just a few of the many many options. Whichever helps you stay focused and organized in your mind-which I find to be my biggest challenge.

I separate by store and then try to group coupons together by section of the store.

Biggest plus? You’ll look and feel like the professional couponer you are. 😉

Do what works best from you and feel free to leave feed back!