Easter Cupcakes 

Whether you are an extremely crafty person or not this cupcake recipe and decoration is SO simple! And absolutely ADORABLE! 🐣

Things like this are usually hit or miss for me. They either turn out cute or a total disaster! (They haven’t been delivered yet, so we could still reach disaster area, fingers crossed)

I am making these for our churches Easter Egg Hunt! I think all the littles will appreciate how cute they are. My almost 4 year old daughter definitely did! We made a batch of mini ones for her to decorate herself so she would feel included.

What you’ll need:

A box of cake mix (I used chocolate because it looks like dirt)

A white or green frosting (I used cream cheese) 

Green food coloring if frosting is white

Cadbury eggs (malt or chocolate filled, I used chocolate filled)

Green dyed coconut*optional* this would make it even prettier. I did not use coconut because I do not think children between 1-10 would be pleased 

Peeps*optional* I wanted one cupcake with a peep to look like they were her eggs

  1. Prepare cupcakes according to box
  2. Dye frosting if it’s not already green. Add to piping bag.
  3. Pipe a swirl on each cupcake
  4. Arrange eggs

And that’s it!!! So simple and easy. So cute and delicious! 


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