Frozen Yogurt “pizza”

My 3 year old is a true ice cream enthusiast. She likes ice cream, sherbert, frozen yogurt, smoothies sorbet, milk shakes… anything and everything frozen and sweet! She’s always surprised me by picking strange things at the ice cream shop… I’ll say “are you sure you want the blood orange sorbet?” She’ll take a sample and proceed to eat the whole bowl declaring it her new favorite, every time.

But ice cream all the time isn’t good for any of us… especially a growing little one. So I like to get creative. 

She was soooo excited about this one!

She named it ice cream pizza. 😂

What you’ll need:

1 quart vanilla nonfat yogurt

Juice of half a lemon (less if you think this will be too sour for you or your little one)

5-10 small strawberries diced somewhat small

Wax paper

8 or 9 inch pie pan (or anything you have on hand will work… the thinner the mixture the faster it will freeze)

**add any other berries or fruit you want!! I like blue berries and black berries! Or pineapple and mango… the possibilities are endless!

Disclaimer: In the photos I made a smaller version since it was just for her. You can easily do this by using an individual vanilla yogurt and only a handful of berries.

  1. Line pie pan with wax paper
  2. Pour yogurt on top
  3. Top with berries
  4. Squeeze lemon juice evenly on top
  5. Freeze for 3 hours


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