Seared Tuna with Kale

Today I was super hungry at lunch time! I try to keep my large meal dinner. That just wasn’t going to cut it today. So I treated myself to a delicious tuna steak. I typically like to go the Asian route with tuna but today I was craving lemon and garlic! It was delicious!!!!

I seared my seasoned tuna steak (seasoned with coarse salt and lemon pepper) in olive oil for about 3 1/2 min on each side. Then added a tablespoon of butter, a minced clove of garlic, and the juice of half a lemon. I put the lid on, removed from the heat and let it sit while I washed my kale… so about a minute. I removed my steak pouring half of the lemon butter on it. Leaving the other half in the pan.

Then added 1/4 cup of water, my kale and some salt. Cooked until wilted to my liking.

Boy was it good!

Also… has anyone ever heard someone say how expensive eating healthy is!? Now I am a very frugal woman and I find produce to be the cheapest item at the grocery store! I got a HUGE bunch of kale for just 99 cents! Can’t beat that.


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