Spaghetti made with Extra Love ❤️❤️

*This is not my healthy version of spaghetti, check back in for that one!

Tonight I’m making spaghetti because we don’t plan on fighting for a seat in a restaurant along with the fact that there’s no cookin like home cookin… Especially when it’s cooked by me! Haha!
And spaghetti is romantic too right?

So here is what I start with… Along with a little more than a pound of ground beef.

First I start browning my meat and add a pinch of salt, some Italian seasoning, and just the onions and peppers. About halfway through browning I’ll add the strained mushrooms. (If you’re using fresh add them with the paste instead)

Once meat is thoroughly cooked I strain off any grease and stir in a can of tomato paste

Then garlic

When I use this particular pan I like to deglaze next (with water) making sure to get all the stuck on yummy bits into the sauce.
Finally I’ll pour in the sauce, stir, lower heat and let simmer for the remainder of the day. I find things like spaghetti taste so much better the longer the cook!
In our house (at least this time of year) I’ll cut off the electric stove and do my simmering the old fashioned way.

I served tonight’s spaghetti dish with a loaf of garlic bread and a super delicious salad.


God bless


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