Tonight’s even simpler supper

Chicken thighs in gravy and rice

This is by far my simplest, easiest and most crowd pleasing recipe.. Chicken and Rice! What’s simpler than that?! A can of soup, some inexpensive chicken thighs, and rice.

*To make a healthier version of this use brown rice and opt for a small serving of the “gravy” over it. Pair with a whole bunch of healthy veggies

ALL it is is some chicken thighs on top of a can of cream of celery soup! (I’ve tried other Campbell’s ‘cream of-‘ soups with chicken thighs and this is by far my favorite combo)
I normally do the ratio of 1 can for every 4 thighs.

I make sure to place them skin side up and sprinkle w a touch of kosher salt.

I then just place them in a 400 degree oven and cook for about 45 min to an hour.

The skin is so crispy and so delicious!!!!!

Now just serve w white or brown rice & a veggie and Enjoy(: I top my rice w a generous amount of the ‘gravy’ the soup makes.


God bless!


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