Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezey (bacon wrapped lemon chicken)

Tonight I decided to start this blog even though I’m not cooking anything particularly special. This is an easy go to recipes in my house and has all of our favorite flavors! Not my healthiest but this was derived before dieting and clean eating really took over. It is delicious and simple though. Even my 2 year old looves this one (she isn’t all that picky either though)
Preheat your oven to 400 degrees

First I start with some boneless chicken strips. (I occasionally will use boneless breasts but I find that they can dry out more quickly with this recipe)
I wrap each slice in bacon
Then I basically Drown them in lemon juice!

I then sprinkle any type of Shake and bake seasoning (extra crunchy is my other go to-or even crushed ritz crackers) over the top . Along with a touch of onion and garlic powder.

Place the chicken (uncovered will do) in a 400 degree oven and cook for about 30 min depending on how much meat. The strips cook rather quickly.

This meal I like to serve with rice pilaf and normally a bag of steam fresh mixed veggies. Tonight we will be having a good ole can of corn.

*when I use chicken breasts and want to be a little fancy I like the pound them out and roll cheese or spinach or BOTH inside! I’ll post that version when I make it next.

Thanks for reading!
God bless!


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